Welcome to the new website!

Even though it's been a long time coming, this launch has come at the perfect time. Seasons change, plans shift and a rebranding was heavy on my mind over the last year. I felt that with so much refocusing, rediscovering and overall new direction, personally and professionally, I needed to reset. It needed a little sparkle again. That task felt daunting; I didn't know where to start or how to go about it.

Enter: Lauren Ledbetter.
I've been a fan of hers for a long while and so many of my fellow entrepreneurial, artist friends have worked with her before. Every Time I saw something I liked, visually, Lauren's name was close by. When I contacted her about working together, and she said yes, my heart went through the proverbial roof. Lauren's process, which I loving called my design therapy, made me think about rebranding much deeper than a type change and a color palette. It needed meaning. Purpose. She wasn't timid in asking some very direct and essential questions. How would I describe my work? What inspires me? What am I afraid of? What keeps me up at night? Who am I as an artist? Do I have anything to say? These questions challenged me to dig deep and get to know myself again. I kept a journal throughout our little sessions and what came from me was... well... you're looking at it. This is me. This is my work. This is what I do and I love it. Simple as that.

Incorporating motion, shadow play, color, feeling and expression in each session is important to me. Documenting people is personal and to be trusted to capture your moment is a privilege I work hard to sustain.

A heartfelt Thank You to everyone who has believed in me, challenged me, hired me and supported this dream of mine. Thanks to Lauren Ledbetter for being the best "design/profession-purpose therapist" - you've made everything look exactly like me. Thank you, thank you. Thanks to Angela Allen, Addison & Bradley Ryan, Elliott Taylor, Kat Wolle, Sam and Paul Steele: for cheering me on during some of my darker days- love to you. Thank you to my family (Travis, Gemma & Milo): You are my raison d'ĂȘtre. Always. Thank you for empowering and encouraging me to keep taking photos. I love you three more than all of this...and that is more than words can say.

So, again. Welcome. I'm Ashtin Paige and I can't wait to make your portrait.

Grace Evans