Ashtin Paige is a portrait photographer based in Nashville, Tennessee.

She started in 2008 as a wedding photographer in San Antonio, Texas. Ashtin spent a week in Nashville in the summer of 2011 and six months later, she made the move. With this change of scenery, she was inspired to seize this opportunity to pursue more portraiture. 

Her husband Travis Yetton works in film production and they have two daughters: Gemma Rose & Milo James. Ashtin opened a studio in East Nashville called Nous Art House in April 2017 and has been working with musicians, brands, modeling agencies, small businesses and designers in Nashville.

Ashtin is the co-founder of the online publication + supper series, At Her Table, as well as the creator of The Book of Mama, a coffee table book of portraits of working mothers which is scheduled to release in 2019.